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How to Rent a Furnished Apartment?

If you're on your own for the first time or need temporary housing, consider renting a furnished apartment.
1- Determine the features that you desire in a furnished apartment, such as location, space requirements, rental costs, dates of availability and type of items to be furnished.
2- Search for a furnished apartment through classified ads in your local newspaper or on Internet sites.
3 - Request listings of available rental properties that meet your criteria.


Relocation Story

Last year, my company offered a promotion and I was elated to have the opportunity to expand my portfolio and move up in my field. There was only one hitch – I had to move my family to Toronto Ontario.
With two young children and a dog, packing up my life and finding a new home sounded complicated. I wasn’t sure how to go about finding a place to live in New York, and I needed time to get a feel for the area. I was worried about living in a Hotel, but I didn’t know any other options– until one of my clients recommended staying in a furnished apartment.



An extended stay at a hotel often looms as an expensive operation. This is not the case, however, when you book into an extended stay hotel. Designed to make long-term accommodation affordable, extended stay lodging offers the comforts of home while ensuring that the cost of the accommodation is not beyond your budget.

This makes an extended stay hotel affordable for such people as families or couples planning a budget vacation in a place where they can organize their own meals and do their laundry while having enough space to enjoy their extended stay. On days when you don’t want to go out you can stay in and take advantage of the other facilities provided by your extended stay hotel, such as cable television.