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Extended Stay Hotel Overview

There are various reasons why people might need to spend an extended stay in a place away from home. They may be business travelers or they may be undergoing corporate relocation in connection with their employment. They may be visiting someone in another town but unable to stay with that person. For whatever reason,

an extended stay hotel provides a comfortable and affordable place to live for a short time.


Extended stay lodging differs from other hotels in that it is designed to provide people with accommodation for longer than a night or two. Hotels that want to attract visitors who are just passing through a town and need only a bed and a meal before heading on their way again, often have rooms that are fairly small and basic.

For an extended stay, however, people need more space and facilities. An extended stay hotel is designed for such needs.

Combining the attractions and amenities of both a hotel and an apartment, extended stay lodging is intended to make your life comfortable, providing more space than the type of hotel room in which guests would usually spend only a single night or two at the most. As well as extra space, extended stay lodging also offers self-catering and laundry facilities. While not a permanent residence, such a hotel will ensure that your extended stay is enjoyable and comfortable.