Set TV Remote

When you buy a universal remote control to replace a lost or dog-chewed remote, it will have a printed list of codes included for many brands of home entertainment devices. You simply program the remote with the correct code, and the remote should control your device. Sometimes a particularly unusual TV or home entertainment device might not be on the supplied list. In that case, you can use the remote to search for the code.


Step 1 Turn on your TV.
Step 2 Press TV once on the remote control. The remote's TV indicator light will flash once.
Step 3 Press and hold the Setup button until the TV key flashes twice.
Step 4 Enter the digits 991 in sequence.
Step 5 Point the remote at the TV and press the Power button once.
Step 6 Press and release the Channel Up key continually until the TV powers off. When the TV powers off, you will have discovered the code that works for this particular TV.
The remote will have sent infrared codes to the TV every time you pressed the Channel Up button. It starts with the most popular codes.
Step 7 Press Power, and the TV should turn on.
Step 8 Press Setup to lock in the code.